Hey all,

So i bought this cheap Volume pedal (€24) and obviously i wasn't expecting much from it. Its passive (so no batteries). It has a 100k Pot However i want to mod it so that i can do swells. This is the schematic (dont laugh at my mspaint skills :P)

The problem with this pedal, is that it cannot do swells. Basically at heel down its off, and after turning it to near full toe down, it just turns on, there is no middle ground, or rising volume sound, its just either on or off.

I've been tryin to read up on this, and basically what i gathered is that if i add in a capacitor i can control the swells.

Is that correct? Or is there other stuff i have to do to it? Anything i've missed?

Quote by Invader Jim
did you try a audio taper pot?

nope. never heard of it, what does it do, and whats the difference between that and a regular pot?