I'm planning on buying the MXR Fullbore Metal pedal and was wondering if it is worth my while buying a MXR Supercomp to go with it when i'm only playing through an amp in my house??
Will it make that much difference to my sound?

Thanks in advance..
I hated the fullbore(at least the online samples), I went for the Barber Dirty Bomb instead. It should be arriving soon...
But yeah I like compressed tones, so if I were you I'd buy the compressor.

compressors aren't so much about where you play them. It's about the tone they create.

I always promote having a dynacomp in your pedal board. It cleans up a lot, helps the sustain (if you need it) and so desired it can make some cool overdrive tones.

buy it... and go with whatever metal stuff they say... i had a metalzone... then i stopped writing metal................