Hi all, im currently looking at buying an electro acoustic, I have a choice of 3. A Yamaha Apx500 or a Yamaha Cpx500 or a Takamine (?) Sorry cant remember the excact its about £250. I have played them all and really like them all im going more towards the Cpx but seen that quite a few people rate the Takamine Please help.
I prefer Takamine over Yamaha.
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if you're planning to play unplugged, i know the Apx500 isn't going to be very satisfying. it was a huge disappointment to me sonically when i tried it at gc. i believe that any acoustic electric in this price range is going to be a laminate top, which isn't great for sound either acoustic or electric but at least i'd get a fuller body for more sound.

since you don't mention which takamine, it's hard to say.