I like the song and the performances are great. Not much rockabilly recordings around here so this was a breath of fresh air. The mix isn't quite to my liking though, it's noisy somehow. And it feels as if there's compression artifacts (pumping). Since there isn't any coherent space to relate to, the only thing that has a "room" feel are the drums, it feels a little odd. The vocal feels very dry. Unless you're going for a noisy 50's aesthetic, in which case you would be wise to work on the feeling of space, I'd recommend re-mixing.
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Thanks for the comment. I totally agree with the mix. We recorded a little cd at this studio, and I don't think I like the sound. The problem is with the room at the studio, it's a big open room with hard wood floor, thin walls with metal rafters. Since we record live in there, it doesn't really give a warm sound that this genre should have because you can pretty much hear the sound bouncing around the room. I am just happy with the performance of it, but we are definitely going to a new studio in the near future.