Hey there!
I'm thinking about maybe reloacting to Northern Louisiana some time in the near future, but I dont know much about the area.
Does anyone live in that region that can recomend some nice small towns with fairly cheap appartments to rent?
Thanks a lot everyone!
I live in Norther Louisana

Don't mind my location it's LIES!!
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you will get raped by hillbillies.

i'm afraid this is the only possibility. sorry TS.

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you will get raped by hillbillies.

i live in the adirondack mountains in upstate NY, so I'm kind of used to it

but seriously, whats it like?
would it be a good move?
Im originally from northeast louisiana im in baton rouge now though goin to LSU, it wasnt a bad place. if you enjoy football baseball hunting or fishing there probably isnt a better place for you, if you dont theres probably not a worse place for you.

Monroe and West Monroe have pretty cheap rent usually but other than those two im not really sure ive never had to look for aanything up there.

PM me if you wanna know anything else