Hey guys,

So basically I have around 100 pounds but i can get some more money out if needed (not much though) and I need a new amp. At the moment i have a Kustom KGA10fx amp and it's not all that.
But anyways I'm after a new amp and i'm wondering whats the best amp for under 100 pounds?

I've been playing guitar for under 2 years and I like to get tones from blues to metal.
The loudest it can be is about 30 watt ss.

I can't really go past 100 pounds because i've got to use some money for other things.

Oh and these are the only amps - that I've heard are any good for that price range : Roland Cube 15X and the Peavey Vypyr 15

I didn't put the pounds sign because for some reason my keyboard doesn't display it
Thanks in advance
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I would say the Peavey Vypyr 15
I have used both the Vypyr and Cube, and the Vypyr was much better Imo.
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^Wow, really? That would be an awesome deal.

Yeah, saw a FT II a few weeks ago for £100 which I was desperate to buy as an extra amp for our jam night. Couldn't spare the cash at the time though

I suspect a lot of them are sold by people who've just bought a shiny new tube amp and just want to quickly get rid of their bulky, unused old amp as they've heard that 'solid state amps aren't very good'.
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Skip the Cube 15. Not worth it.
You have either go to the Microcube or the Cube 30. The 15 and 20 watt models don't have the COSM modeling that makes the Cube series good.

agreed. if it has to be under £100, that leaves the microcube, basically, unless you go used or find a smoking deal.

the vox da series might be worth a look, plus the vypyr, but i haven't tried either.
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I would say the Peavey Vypyr 15
I have used both the Vypyr and Cube, and the Vypyr was much better Imo.

I concur, go with the Vypyr.
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