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It's been a while since this movie came out, and I've heard people have very extreme reactions to it, so what does the Pit think? Classic or garbage?
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Its lame.
I voted classic, remembering that I liked it when I saw it. I haven't watched it since.
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It was ok, it had its funny moments and its slightly less funny moments.

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Neither classic or garbage. It's a bit odd, but I found it enjoyable and amusing. Would watch again.
wouldnt say it was a classic but its ok!

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It was innovative and really captured the geek-chic pop trend that was going on at the time; It was maybe even responsible for propelling that style into the mainstream.

I like it--I don't think it's an all time classic, but it certainly was a subtly pivotal little film for the 5 years or so that followed it. I do think that it was well put together and carefully made. I hate it when people dislike simply because they think it doesn't make sense. The film was more cohesive than a lot of really popular stuff coming out of Hollywood.
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Neither classic or garbage. It's a bit odd, but I found it enjoyable and amusing. Would watch again.

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Thinking about it, some of the deleted scenes I saw on the DVD were hilarious.

There's one where they're playing baseball, and a girl says something to him, and he slaps her (I think) and then runs off.
"Hey Napoleon, let me get some of you're tots"

"No, go find you're own!"


"uhhhhhhhhhhh freaking idiot!"

I forgot all about that movie. I know what I'm watching today.
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It was kinda boring. But it did have the chick from Waterworld.
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Classic Garbage,
You cant watch it once and expect to get it. there really is nothing to get. No plot, no real rhyme or reason, but it has a certain charm. I barely made it through the 1st time i watched it though. but after a few viewings it gets ahold of you.
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meh it wasn't that great...
Totally agreed. I admit it had it's funny moments but it's nowhere near a classic!
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it was the stupidest movie i've ever seen in my entire life.

so stupid i have in fact waged a war against anyone who wears a "vote for pedro" shirt.
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I really thought it was annoying and lame. The only time i ever chuckled or even smiled a little was when Pedro's cousins or whatever pulled up in that cool car and scared off the bully.
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Classic, very quotable.
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I've seen that movie more times than I can count. I can quote almost the entire movie.

Definitely classic Pedro.
First time around, it was dreaful.

Second time, I began to like it because it was that bad.

Now I love it.
I laughed uproariously at the scene with the school bus, the shotgun, and the cow.

Everything else made me want to hammer a rusty nail through my forehead.


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That movie was full of quotable lines.
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"I see you're drinking 1%, is that cause you think you're fat? cause you're not...you could drink whole milk if you wanted to"

That movie was full of quotable lines.

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My fav from deleted scenes

"Hey Napoleon, did you wet the bed last night?"

"Did you take a dump in your bed last night!?"
"Hey Napoleon, what did you do all last summer again?

"I told you I spent it with my uncle in Alaska hunting wolverines."

"Did you shoot any?"

"Yes, like fifty of them. They kept trying to attack my cousins. What the heck would you do in a situation like that?"

"What kinda gun did you use?"

"A frickin' 12 gauge, what do you think?!"

Haha, it's so dumb, it's funny.

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