Hello UG.

ive been playing for a year and abit now, and im deciding to start working on some of the more advanced skills, maybe these arnt THAT hard, but i still suck at them ha, so yeahhh.
ive been struggling for awhile on both of these concepts.
im having serious problems with alternate picking.
i cant do the motion and keep it going at quite a high speed, but i find it hard to only alternate pick the actual amount that is needed, if that makes sense?
in a song im learning it goes
e//14 13 14 13 ------
b//----------------16 14
it does that like 3-4 times really fastly. i rekon i could play it at the speed required but im finding it hard to accuratley change my alternate picking from the e and b strings without loosing timing and hitting unnecessary notes.
i was wondering if anyone had techniques, or patterns to practice on to develop this skill alot more?. If anyone has any information it would be much appreciated.

okay and now string skipping. i find it very hard to play many songss with extensive string skipping, as in the exact same song abovee there is abit where it requires it to be rather fast, and just the same as above really if theres any techniques or patterns to use to help practice it, would be grateful
Metronome, I divide the tempo by two, then speed it up in increments of 20 bpm
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There you go........Done wonders for my alt picking string skipping

+1, I love this guy's videos. He has a ton of great lessons and tips. 3 of my favorite practice techniques that deal with string skipping and alternate picking are as follows

1. Chromatic Scale, it's so fundamental and just about everyone uses some variation of it for practice. 1,2,3,4 across the E string moving your way down string by string to e using alternate picking. I'm not an advanced player by any means, an intermediate I guess and I still use this exercise every day as a warmup.

2. Chromatic Jumps, take the above technique and jump 2 strings down and then one back. So you would start on E (1,2,3,4 alternate picking) then jump down to D (1,2,3,4 alt picking) then back to A, then G, D, B, G and finally E. Move up one fret and reverse back to E from e etc.

3. Spread Chromatic Jumps, move up one fret after you get back to E.


Play each up to 12. These are probly on the easier side of possible exercises but I still find them very helpful. I don't take credit for any of these btw, I rly can't remember who I've lifted them from. Pretty common though. Hope this helps!
Here's the generic answer to your question: PRACTICE SLOWLY WITH MAXIMUM ECONOMY OF MOTION.

"What's economy of motion?"

Look it up on this site.
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There was an thing in the Dec 09 edition of total guitar about string skipping, and it says practice doing this:


sorry for bad tab, but hope it helps a bit
I made this weird lick up last night that works on string skips and inside picking.
Start down a down, even try starting with an up too after you get good at down.
Make your own exercises up using arpeggios - that way you might come up with something you like for a song or lick too,and you're learning to use arps as well as practicing your picking. Then pratice as slow as you need to play it cleanly and accurately - don't worry about speed, that will come naturally as your hands get better coordinated.
I'd approach it more with baby steps. If you're having trouble with regular string crossing (adjacent strings), I'd let up on the string skipping for a while, and concentrate on improving your regular string crossing. Then when you've made a good bit of progress, start working on easier string skips. String skipping will basically take any problem you've got with your adjacent string crossing and magnify it 10x.