Kissed the Assassin

Passing by
All those memories
Just say goodbye
so I can fade
all those times
I just don’t want to remember

You must, just, sit in the cold dust
You’re a factory of your own demise
Rebuilding all the scenes
Then blackening them
From your own eyes
I’ve been haunted
I’ve been defeated till the point I can’t sleep
My bed is as cold as your skin when
You just massacred me again
I’m so weak
Can’t you see the rings?
Around my eyes

My room is just
A penitentiary to capture
My thoughts
Then rap them around me
My neck
I’m choking!
On the floor so aged and paralyzed
is this because of you?
So get away! Get away! Get away!
So I can rest
As we all know
my skin is so frozen
and I feel so unknown
where are my senses going?

Get out! Get out! Get out!
All those times
Memories please meet annihilation
I’m tired of saying
Worthless words that seem
To have know meaning
I don’t think I have killed before
But you’ve kissed the killer
Love the assassin!
It’s butchery in every scene
a beautiful extermination
Cause you’re the one holding the gun

Things are getting dimmer
Your blade so I won’t
That you’re holding it just
You can gash me, now I’m just a ghost

Memories lay burnt in the flames
Of another day
Please be long forgotten
You seem to have a love
For the only one
That is dripping with vengeance and, lust
And thirsts for our blood
The murderer has made you his associate
And uses you like a tool
You’re such a fool!
The knife wound
Is still in my arm
I’ve been hurt by you
Can’t awake so diseased

Terminating what was left
Of our friendship and what we shaped
You’re like a rapid animal whose only objective
Is to execute everyone else’s dreams
The Divine smile is smothered with the blood of greed
Even though you weren’t always like this
You’ve been disciplined with blood and spit
Of a killer that has you caged
And you forget
What was so important?
Nothings important to you

I guess for tonight I’ll sleep in my bottomless grave
I hope it will eventually fade
My efforts are left in vain
And it seeps through my pulsing heart
Till I’m left in shame
Tears are sores now
Tears are scars
Passing by, walking by
My dying heart
Your just as selfish as everyone said you where
And I never knew that, what they said was true
I can’t believe you
And I hope you’ll never live this down
Cause my heart, my eyes, my thoughts are
Damp, dead and, unsound
Alexis Divine

If my heart is stone then you're Medusa