I saw that anti-aids campagne today, the one were they put condoms on fruit. Made me think of the fact that humans share about 50 percent of DNA with bananas. In 10 or 20 years maybe, scientist might be able to modify a living man's genetic constitution to make him slowly but surely become a banana. Or a giraffe, for instance. People with mental disorders, who think they are something which they're not, could become that something. Another problem solved. There are so many things on earth, so many possibilities... The progress in information technology of the last 20 years is supposed to be nothing compared to the progress biochemistry will make in the near future. In more or less unknown test series, people already fight diabetes with genetically modified antibodies. It works. Eat whatever you want. Same with leukemia. We might inject viruses into tumors that tell them to stop growing. Some say, in 10 or 20 years, nobody will be talking about cancer anymore. Another cause of death less. I just hope that if I get cancer, it won't be before they invent all the stuff. OK, there's still many other, complicated diseases. Didn't they say they'd have a vaccine against aids within a couple of years? When did they say that, in they eighties? But then, on the other hand, there's these immortal protozoa. Their cells, or more accurately their cell simply does not age. They don't die. Unless someone steps on them, that is.
Wouldn't you be ever so mad if you were 'immortal' and died? Actually, there's really scientists who think they might find the genes for age or dying and be able to switch them off. And the best thing about this is, if you were, let's say, fiftysomething and there was this new thing and you decided to switch off those genes... your cells would go back to the stage of your best and healthiest age which would be from around 16 to 19. And they'd stay like that. You'd be a teenager all over again, just without the hormones of course. In the prime of life, just a tic more beautiful – the pimples back then came with the hormones. Now have someone run you over. It's aggravating enough as it is, but at least in our time, there's only a limited time left to live that you lose. Imagine losing an infinite life (of infinite beauty and fitness)! Wouldn't we all be much more careful? If there weren't any diseases that could get to us anymore (exept maybe aids), if they'd abolished age, wouldn't we be supercircumspect (and damn wouldn't we all well-behavedly put on those condoms)? In a world, where humans don't die, what would money be like? When would we work and for how long? Would we all have great big houses and bodyguards because we've saved for a couple of lifetimes? But then again, would it even work if we were all rich, just some of us became rich more slowly? Who would want to be a bodyguard? Or a banana.