If any of you use Radio Mikes or wireless equipment on stage in the UK you are in for an expensive shock.

Ofcom the regulator is proposing to sell off the frequencies set aside for radio mikes in the UK to the highest bidders from the mobile phone companies to use for mobile broadband. This will mean a cash bonanza for the government and good news for the mobile phone companies and their customers but a disaster for performers and outside broadcast units.

Bands 61-69 in the 800MHz range are to be sold along with bands 31-37 95% of radio mikes are thought to use band 69. TV's will have to be retuned(again) but almost none of the current radio mikes are retunable to the new frequencies and will become junk overnight. About £100 million of this type of equipment is believed to be used in the entertainment industry in the UK, Ofcom are putting aside just £18 million for compensation. They are proposing to pay just the "residual value" of the equipment and not its replacement costs. The new bandwidth set aside for radio mikes is much more limited in and it seems likely that a maximum of 10 channels will be available at any one event so forget your in ear monitors. It is not too late to stop the government from adopting the proposals and a campaign is starting to make the musicians case with plenty of high profile supporters like the promoter Harvey Goldsmith, the Royal Shakespeare Company, the NUJ and the Musicians Union already on board along with a host of others but UG'ers can make the numbers to really scare the politicians.

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The campaign is at:

Poor Mike, I really liked that guy.

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Thank you once more UK for proposing to totally annihilate what is left of culture on this godforsaken island.
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Damn first those Pirate Radio guys now this poor guy Mike. It sounds like the British government has a stick up its ass.
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This is absolute ****ing bullshit
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radio mike = free hat?

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Why do governments always seem to do the opposite to what the public wants? They are the public.
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I'm gonna miss that dude. Mike was a great guy.

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Uh-oh, sounds like you Brits had better call Officer Barbrady and get your brooms ready...


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The UK is complete, total BULLSHIT

actually after reading the article, this IS ****ing bullshit.

people here are just indifferent about everything so they get shafted.
I prefer actual cables, but that's just me. Of course, being in the US, it doesn't matter that much to me. Sucks for gigging UKers, though.
That sucks, the campaign seems to be popular though. Especially if the Guardian are supporting them.