Is it possible to create a 50s/60s twangy guitar kinda of tone on a Epiphone Les Paul through a Vox VT30? You know, the kind of sound Buddy Holly or Niki Sullivan might get (I'm aware they didn't use Les Pauls). I've tried many EQ settings, but I'm still not getting the right sound. Anyone know what settings to adjust to get the kind of sound I'm looking for?

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Leave the bass at 12, Set the Mid to 2, and try the Treble at4.

Obviously use the lead position for your Lp
you could split your humbuckers to make them only play with one side, like a single coil. or you can get a 50's wiring style mod which will make it much more bright and twangy. I did both to my epi les paul and it sounds bright and twangy when clean. Not much you can do with your eq as so much has to do with the type of pickup you are using.
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I don't think you could get close with the LP, you need something with single coils preferably a telecaster.
i think you might want to try a tremolo pedal... and try to get the amp to sound as vintage as possible, the same with the pedal...
I know the best way to fix this problem.
1. You will need some profession help, so take you Guitar to your local shop.
2. Sell it, buy a Telecaster
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But seriously, there isn't any really good way to make a twangy tele sound w/o one. The closes I can think of is to set the EG on your amp to Bass 0% Mids 50% Treble 75-80%, and set your LP to play from the bridge position, and turn the tone down real low. I'm pretty sure this is the closest you can get. (I'm doing this on my roommate's Ibanez.)
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I've found out (on my strat) that picking closer to the bridge makes things a whole lot more twangy, perhaps it works with an LP as well? worth a try.
You could get something like this fairly easily:


With the right pickups. First time I played a vintage les paul with real PAFs, I couldn't believe how bright they were. You can find some good PAF replicas that can get you that sound, they're costly though.


Another good example.

Humbuckers don't need to be split to get a nice, bright, cutting tone. Les pauls have been doing it for decades as long as they're equipped with the right pickups. With big high output metal monsters, they won't, but with low output, vintage replicas with the right winds and right magnets, you can get that biting, chirpy tone. A les paul is never going to twang the same way something like a strat or tele will and in the end, it's somethat comes down to more than just pickups (not that a split humbucker sounds anything like a strat single coil anyway)
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I get twang with my Les Paul when I split the bridge pickup.
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