I've had these two EMG 81s for about 5months and I have not been able to sell them whatsoever. And maybe you're thinking that I'm trying to sell them at a high price but im not. Im trying to sell them for 110$!!!!! Thats wayyy cheap for two, considering one goes for 95$. So, what do you guys think I should do? Try to put them in my guitar? I dont have the pots for one nor can I put it in myself.

Im just sick of having them. Im about ready to give them away for free. Sorry if this seems like a useless thread but I'm just so frustrated that no ones has bought'em. They're so cheap.
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Tried e-bay?
If you only put on your local classifieds, it's normal that no one buys them. I often items at good prices on my clist and it takes really long before I get an answer.