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I know this doesn't really apply to guitar so much but I wanted to pick your brain about an issue. My band wants to figure out a way to use bass drops live. Obviously we know there are drum pad midi controllers that will do the job just fine but the only ones we can find that are worth a crap a like 500 bucks and our drummer is still in high school and has no money. The easiest way I can think would be to put the 808 files on an ipod and just have someone press play when we need be but a lot of the places we play are really dumb about letting other people behind the mix board.

Got any ideas that a relatively cheap and easy to use live?
thanks in advance
Bass drops? Like 'boom?' Hide a small asian boy under the stage with a hammer and a coconut?
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Unless its electronic drums.

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Bass drops? Like 'boom?' Hide a small asian boy under the stage with a hammer and a coconut?

yea like a subwoofer hit...like you'd hear in a rap song just nowhere near a prominent, it just gives some emphasis at key, hard hitting parts
Why not just have your bassists literally drop his string?

Edit: My apologies, you ment bass boom. I think youd need like a beast subwoofer set up and what not but im not sound professional so i wouldnt know.
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Why not just have your bassists literally drop his string?

We've tried technique under the sun trying to emulate it but nothing has that BOOM that we want. The subwoofers are all in house PA's at venues we play so we don't need that.
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A cheap used drum machine such as the Alesis sr-16 might be a possibility- I got mine for 50.
^Doesn't have electronic drum sounds, and has no 808 sounds at all.

1)The simplest way will be to get a cheapish drum machine which has 808 squelches and electronic drum sound, and get a midi drum pad.

2)You could get a drum machine with the sounds you want, and then programme all the right beats in to it, and get a couple of footswitches so one of you can control them live. Programming drum beats just how you want is a ****ing long process.

These presume someone has a laptop capable of such things:
3) Use a programme to process your beats, and then play them on a laptop. Not completely sure how this would work tbh.

4) Get a drum programme on a laptop which means you can use a midi pad plugged in and used live.

If you can't afford to do 1, you could try 2, and then save up for a midi pad later on, I guess. But the midi pad + drum machine is definitely easiest and would be best imo. Band politics could prove important to see if you're all willing to go in together and buy the gear.
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What about a keyboard with Midi?
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^ that would work perfectly if we had a keyboardist, but we don't...we'd really like to have our drummer handle all that bc the rest of us are too busy going nuts during the songs haha
The band After the Burial uses a Boss Loop Station with the bass drop loaded on and just hits the pedal after time they want it to play. Pretty cheap compared to most drum modules.
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