Hey guys, could use some quick detailed responses here.

I am in the market for a multi effects, and have taken interest in both the POD X3 Live and the Zoom G9.2tt.

I have noticed that the tones on the Pod X3 seem to have a lot of low end and less 3D, open sound. Maybe I'm just configuring it wrong, but I have spent plenty of time trying to raise the treble level and stop my tone from sounding so bassy!

The Zoom, at its lower price point, seems to have a very dynamic range of effects and some sick overdrives/distortions.

What should I go for?
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not zoom. i had one- its alright, but if you can go for the line 6 it is definitely way better
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Oh, can't say I've had that same issue with my X3. I never tried the 9.2 tt but I listened to sound clips and didn't like them as much as the X3. Also, you need to use gear box to take full advantage of the X3. The built in UI for the X3 is not very good at all.
Buy this and you basically have an X3 (yes, you won't be able to run two amps at once... but it'll still sound great), for less than half the price:

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I've had both zoom and a line 6 products and always find that at the end of the day, the line 6 wins out. if you're having bad tone days with the line 6, it could very well be the setup. I have the XT myself, and find that one setting is never universal with all the amp/cab/mic models.

screw around with everythign you can.. it took me close to a month to dial in a setting i loved.
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Sweet, what about the VOX Tonelab? I'm pretty sure the Line 6 prevails, but just asking!