I've heard great things about the EHX, but then again my current pedal the BOSS MT-2 Metal Zone i've also heard good things about [ on the reviews ].

I have the oppurtunity to trade for an EHX Metal Muff, should i take it?

I'm running the pedals through a Marshall AVT150X, so it's a Valvestate


EDIT: Also just a thought, how do they both perform on Tube amps?
Might be getting a tube amp in 6 months time is all.
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Do it. The MetalMuff is much better then the Metalzone.

What site did you read reviews of the metalzone? It is the worst dist. pedal I've heard in my life. The sound reminded me of my Fender Squire starter pack amp.

Although I'm not a huge fan of the metalmuff, I'd much rather have it then the metalzone.
Usually amp distortion. But I would definately take the Metal Muff
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... UG? :P

And, what pedal ARE you a fan of? or do you use amp dist?
I genrally use my amp's distortion, though good dist. pedals can be great.

I love the Hardwire TL-2. It's around the MT-2/Metalmuff's price and sounds better IMO. Doesn't have as much "hiss" when it comes to dist. pedals.

However, if my budget was higher, I'd go for pedals like the Radial Tonebone Hot British, a TC Electronics Nova Drive, a Sansamp GT-2, or a Blackstar HT-DISTX.
dont buy a "metal" distortion pedal to use wuth a tube amp. A good tube half stack with an overdrive pedal for a lil extra juice sounds awesome. Just like KSE.
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I usually use my amps distortion, but when I'm using the Night Train I will use a distortion pedal to get the metal...which isn't often using that amp. But I would definitely go for the Metal Muff over the Metal Zone. I've owned both in the past...ended up selling the metal zone for the metal muff
metal muff...its pretty goood...i like amp distortion better as well but hands down metal muff
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if you must go for either one. stay away from the ehx. they are thinner and fuzzier sounding. get a metalzone. i would highly suggest pairing a metalzone with an eq pedal. the metalzone plus a good clean boost and eq shaping from the pedal can be pretty damn good. the metalzone just needs a kick in the pants, its not quite there on its own
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This doesn't get recommended much here, but go for a Barber Ditry Bomb, $100 US.
Handwired boutique distortion.

KICKASS metal tone...Check Youtube for demos by this guy called Volipov or something...and don't trust PGS demos, they suck.

Get the DB, you'll thank me someday
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dont buy a "metal" distortion pedal to use wuth a tube amp. A good tube half stack with an overdrive pedal for a lil extra juice sounds awesome. Just like KSE.

Most misleading and uninformed thing I've read on here in a while. What tube amp? What overdrive? And why a half stack?

You're basically telling me that ANY tube halfstack, with ANY TS is going to nail KSE?
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Spend the extra and get a Keeley MT-2.............You'll Thank me later