to make a long story short, i bought my amp from guitar center a while back and i was supposed to get the bugera footswitch that went with it but they didn't give it to me. so i went back and they gave me a livewire footswitch in place of it for free.

probably the most useless piece of gear i have ever owned.. the cable is attached to the switch and it's only 10 ft. and the way i play i need to be wayyyy farther away from the amp than like right next to it. especially when i play shows.

anyways, do you guys know of a switch that would work with the bugera 1990? i need one with two switches, one for channel a/b and one for reverb. also i need to be able to plug a cable into the footswitch itself (like fender's). thankssss
You know, you can get a 1/4" to 1/4" adapter and just connect a cable to that...
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well the Bugera amps come with the Bugera footswitch so they kinda have to give you one or order it for you for free

or like the guy said above. just get a female 1/4 " adapter and plug up the footswitch cable and another cable into it to make it longer
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