The first book has been selected and its Slaughterhouse-Five by Kurt Vonnegut. Feel free to discuss the book as soon as possible as long as the poster states which chapter they are on before posting anything so the story does not get spoiled for someone who isn't as far in the book.

Right now the general assumption is that everyone should be able to read the book within 4 weeks (starting 11/16/09) and a 5th week will be used to discuss the book in it's entirety as well as discussing the suggestions and poll for the next book. All is subject to change depending on how things go this first time through.

The description (provided by Amazon.com) for Slaughterhouse-Five by Kurt Vonnegut:

Kurt Vonnegut's absurdist classic Slaughterhouse-Five introduces us to Billy Pilgrim, a man who becomes unstuck in time after he is abducted by aliens from the planet Tralfamadore. In a plot-scrambling display of virtuosity, we follow Pilgrim simultaneously through all phases of his life, concentrating on his (and Vonnegut's) shattering experience as an American prisoner of war who witnesses the firebombing of Dresden.

(Written by C. Limon)
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did i miss something?
obviously i did, something like the title
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Woop, an excuse to read this classic again (like i ever need an excuse). I'll put in my 2 cents after the 4 weeks, i really hope atleast a couple of people participate in this.
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I didn't know Slaughterhouse-Five had been picked, though it was kind of obvious that it would be...

Methinks I'll be able to read it in the time allotted, I have to read Huck Finn and reread a little of Cat's Cradle as well but whatever
I might be in. I have two five hour car rides coming up.

And I read a lot at work.
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I would join in...i actually own the book, but I'm battling through Dante's Divine Comedy atm. Haven't read it yet. If I manage to read both in 4 weeks it'll be a miracle, and i'll contribute... :/
I'm in, I've been meaning to read this. I'll buy it next time I'm in town.
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Cool I'll try to pick it up soon.
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I finished it a few days before this thread was posted so I'll wait for a few more people to finish before getting involved in some discussion.
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if i weren't already in the middle of two other books, i'd join in. well, that and my ex still has my copy that i lent her 3 years ago.

oh well, perhaps next time.
I've already read it. I'll be down for discussion later on. It's a really fast read, Vonnegut books always go very quick for me. If you like Vonnegut, I suggest you check out Cat's Cradle, and A Man Without a Country.
I have it and have read it already. I may be able to read it again in that time, but I'm not sure. I have a lot of school work between now and then.

Even if I don't read it again I can probably still discuss it a bit.
Currently reading it, about halfway. It's really funny, despite being about war somewhat. I would have never guessed it to have comedic value, mostly because of the title.


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Completely forgot about this after reading the initial thread. Just ordered it so it should be here in a couple of days.
I've been meaning to get into reading again. I guess this thread will be a good start! I'll try to read it over thanksgiving break
I just finished re-reading this book. This isn't my favorite Vonnegut novel, but the fact it took him over 20 years to even put pen to paper about what he experienced in Dresden is fascinating.

Listen. Go read this book.
I'll get it and read it once I'm done with Lot 49. Although I've already read it, so spoilers don't really matter to me. And they don't matter to Billy Pilgrim, either.
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*maybe spoilers IDk*

So, insane post traumatic stress disorder or truly visited by aliens?

I'd have to say he was truly abducted.
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Just finished it.


It's hard deciding if he was abducted or if he was just deranged. I don't think there's an argument whether or not he truly was unstuck in time by the way the story is written. I wrote down a couple points while I was reading it but I don't want to get into it just yet until it seems more people have finished reading the book.
It was a graveyard smash.
I wish I had time for this I love that book.
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So it is written.
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I wish I had time for this I love that book.

I've decided I'll just freshen up on it by reading SparkNotes, since I read it two years ago, and I'm currently reading something else, with several others next in line.
I was surprised how quickly I read it. Maybe because I usually read whole chapters before setting the book down and there were only 10 chapters in the book.
It was a graveyard smash.
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Yeah, I finished it in less than a day.

This isn't a contest!
It was a graveyard smash.