So I've been really frustrated lately. I've taken a break so please don't suggest that.

It seems like I can't do anything right. I can't figure out any new things. It seems like I'm regressing on my technique practice. I do alternate picking and I've had to put the tempo back at least 30bpm and I still can't do it perfect. I started ear training 2 weeks ago and it's like I've seen no improvement at all.

That and I can't figure out how to strum Give Me One Reason - Tracey Chapman. I want to keep my hand strumming like a pendulum but not always playing and I don't know how to do that and have it sound like the song. Well, I don't know how to make it sound like the song anyways.

I've heard that alot of the time its mental. You may be phsycing yourself out, or if your having any emotional issues apparenlty it can effect your performance. When playing try to push everything to the back of your head except your playing and completely focus. If your playing and getting frustrated, take a 5 minute breather and then try it again, we've all been there its not fun but its possible to reverse it. Thats all i can suggest, sorry man.
try relaxing also, when i get frustrated i start playing tense and then it just doesnt come out right. Ive also found that if you just stop for a while like a week or so you can pick it back up and just jam. idk...good luck
Could also be the climate. I myself live in Maryland, right on the bay. It gets cold as anything here, and I start to lock up. Living downstairs doesn't help much either. Try more warm up exercises?