He's good, but I can't really get into it.

His Andy Timmons cover(s) aren't that good either.
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He is a great technican

Though upon watching many of his videos they seem to lack the personality of what makes a player fun to watch and listen to
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His technique may be up there with them, just like many other YouTube guys, but musically, I don't think hes anywhere near their caliber.

He's one of the better ones out there though. Check out jackthammarat, I feel he's the best YouTube guy out there.

Maybe referring to them as youtube guys was inappropriate, since both of them are professional musicians
He is easily the best youtube guitarist..but he does lack something
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I don't really like him, maybe it's the fact that he tries to make everything better by smiling in all his videos.

Billy Mays is definitely gonna give me nightmares now.

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honestly no

but i just did the pallet town theme song cause someone wanted that

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all of the above