ok im thinking about quitting guitar lessons and teach my self my teacher hasn't gave me anything new for the past 4 weeks and i havent practiced much but at least he should give me something new should i just teach my self of what?
Maybe you should actually learn the stuff he gives you, then he might give you something new.
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He knows best. You should practice more until you're actually able to do what he's giving you well. Then maybe you'll get some new stuff to do. But until then you just need to practice over and over.
Ditching him because you're not mature enough to sit down and practice something over and over isn't a good enough excuse.
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Ditch the guitar teacher and get an English tutor.

Hiyoooooo! Wish we got paid what guitar teachers usually do

Seriously though TS, just try out a few different guitar teachers. I've tried a lot of music teachers in different specialties over the years. Some are bad, some are great, some are only good at teaching beginners then didn't know how to help me etc.

You have to shop around, and the one that started off great for you, might not be any good at teaching you at your current level. If you feel you can still get something out of lessons in general, just not lessons from this person, then move on instead of quitting altogether.
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Ditch the guitar teacher and get an English tutor.

coming from a guitar teacher........... why would i waste more paper on giving you more material that you won't learn? I know that's not a good attitude, but it works both ways. What are you paying for? Maybe I should get out my magic wand and swish it in front of you and then you will just know how to play the guitar. If my students are not satisfied, they don't go complaining on the internet. They talk to me and let me know what the problem is. I can usually find something more interesting that gets the same point across than the lesson that is bothering them. And IF i can't, then we work out something else. Now, got learn your lesson. If a simple piece of music takes you a month to learn, then it is probably worth learning.
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Ditch the guitar teacher and get an English tutor.

Listen to the awesome guy.
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a Couple of years ago I had the same problem, was playing guitar for 2 years then decided to take lessons. My teacher was a classicly trained guitarist ,and I was learning Classic Rock and Blues. He started to teach me theory like that do,re,me,fa,so,la,te,do (snoor...) stuff. I would study it, but I thought to myself "when will I use this?" I wanted to learn stuff like Pinch Harmonics and Power Chords. I didn't want to learn Ode to Joy anymore! that was it! I decided after 1 year of lessons to quit his lessons. I thought it was a waist of money to learn stuff that I wasen't going to really need to be a rock guitarist.

After that I started teaching myself. Using lessons from this website , and using the stuff that my teacher gave me, I became a pretty good guitar and now I am in a band

If you think you can handle teaching yourself I say dump the crappy teacher and GO FOR IT!
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Well, i teach guitar. It's quite often that students will have a backlog of stuff because they haven't been practising, or often that when you show them the whole of 'Ironman' (because they complained they wanted to learn full songs always) all they end up doing is practising the main riff.

The majority of my students dont practise enough, and also don't practise properly. Sit down and chat with him, confirm what you want to get out of the lessons and come to a compromise.
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Maybe you should actually learn the stuff he gives you, then he might give you something new.

This. With my guitar teacher at school, he wont give me anything new until I learn everything he gave me already.
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