Hey guys, I am making this cable buffer pedal (http://www.tubefreak.com/fschema.htm guitar signal buffer.) and it doesn't seem to work. I was wondering if you guys can help me troubleshoot this because I honestly have no idea what's wrong. Buffer 2 is the original schematic and buffer 3 is my mod to the schematic. Thanks.
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you tried to rename it, so i'll let it go.

your rotary switch is not connected right. there's a pinout of that very switch in the wiring thread. it's kinda counter intuitive, but rewire it accordingly and test it again.

also, it's 2-pole 6-position, not 6-pole 2-position.
ok, so i thought i put one in there. here's one.

Wire it like this anyway.

you'll only use one half of the switch. 0 is the pole, 1-6 are the positions. orange is one half of the switch, blue is the other.
I'm sorry, but I am still at a loss for why it can not be wired both ways.

EDIT/ I understand what you meant now, it just took a little bit for it to click. Thanks for your help.
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