as some may know, i bought a gibson SG 2 weeks ago
it was used, and it had new tuning keys, which were grovers, so i'm guessing they're not the problem...
when i play on the higher frets, the notes don't seem to sound tuned, even when they are, what i mean is that i can play an open C ( 032010 ) and it'll sound beautiful, but when i'll get on the higher frets, an octave (such as, low to high: 0-0-0-14-0-17 ) sounds really bad and the notes don't blend together

i'm guessing that's what people call intonation? if so, i'll get the guitar set up, i just want to make sure that's what i need.. i have never had this problem before and i have 5 other electric guitars

thanks everyone !
yeh definately intonation, most guitars get it to a certain extend
its the intonation. Get a proper set up. See if you can stick around to watch. You learn a lot. Its a nice guitar and should be taken care of. Congrats!
thank you very much for your replies guys :-) i was starting to get worried, since i love it so much and plan to use it at shows, yet i can't play it in this current state...i'll try to bring it to the store tomorrow or by the week's end, hope it'll do her some good =)
If you have a tuner and a screwdriver you can correct the intonation yourself. It's just a question of working out (using the notes at the 12th fret) if each string is going sharp or flat at the high notes - then adjust the bridge saddles forwards or backwards to correct that.
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Quote by Darkflame
wouldn't that correct the action instead?

No the two bridge posts next to the saddles will adjust the action.