I know it got passed up last time, but there are 2 new tracks available for hearing, and we really would like to hear some opinions.
THIS IS ****ING FANTASTIC!!!! I'm going to friend you on Myspace when I get home. Check out my comedy metal band in the meantime please? Pit O' Bodies
Like punk the way it used to be? Deranged Youth Its like what Warped Tour should be!

Want to hear something mind-blowing? Pit O' Bodies Its like an amateur hypnotist plus the Spanish Inquisition!
WTF!?? Your music is weird!!!! What's going on? Who am I? Our bands should get married.
WE'RE BACK, PEOPLE!!!! And we're ready to kick some ass!!!!
We did a ruff recording of Shellshocked; guitar tone is a bit bad, but still understandable and good. Solos are pretty sexy and the ending is the SHIIIIT!
We had many people/fans beg us to come back, and this is it. We're back and way better than before.
Hope to bring joy for all of you once again.


Here's the link to the youtube channel with our old stuff. Help spread the word.


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