so i got another guitar today. straight up trade for my stock SZ320

holy shit did i buy the same guitar again?

lol gotcha ya

for a Lo-TRS II it plays awesome!

i love maple

Sweet! Our guitars were made in the same year, even the same plant!

My serial # is


C(Plant)5(year, 95, '05's are 05)12(month)1140(Production #)

Yours was made in March of '95, mine in December.

Looks great!
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Oh, DON'T use a knife. It cuts through your strings. I did that once, thinking, its the Low E, its invincible. Turns out, its not...

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Dont you get bored of them RGs?

blasphemy! you can never have enough RG's! that be like me saying im tired of beer and vagina

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Very nice. Which is your favorite?

defiently mt RGA121, nothing beats a prestige, NOTHING!!!!!
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Why the hell your name is LPguy and you own like 40 ibanez?

lol it stands for Linkin Park, me favorite band. and ive only owned like 14 i believe
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which one's the prestige?

the wood colored one on the left

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lp dude,
How good is that 7321?
I've been thinking about getting one.

pretty straight for a lower end guitar. solid as **** and the 7 string beefiness is amazing. but i am selling it though, it doesnt really get played like it should with the RG7621 here.
defientally the RG7321. unless you stumble apon a deal like i did with the RG7621, only paid $264 for it, dude marked it as a RG7321, and i paid $275 for the RG7321. the RG7621 was such a great deal i couldnt pass it up
That is awesome. Once again, Ibanez guitars are the shit. Happy new guitar day! That family picture is just epic win.
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defiently mt RGA121, nothing beats a prestige, NOTHING!!!!!

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Because I bend in such an unorthodox fashion; the notes kinda slide up and slide down...
Loving all those Ibanez guitars. Disliking the Cannibal Corpse sticker on one of them.

HNGD man.
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