I am looking at buying a new bass. Right now, I play a four string Schecter Stiletto Elite, and it is an amazing bass (highly recommend!). My band is gigging regularly, and have started adding in some drop c material. As you can imagine, I am having trouble getting from standard and D tuning down to C and back up again, no matter how we arrange the set list. My guitar players have 2nd guitars, but I do not. Here is my question: Should I invest in a 5 string, or will a four string suffice? I know the five string would be useful for heavier material, but if I get a new 4 string bass intonated for drop C, will it hold tuning and tone better? I would like another four string just for the sake of not having to worry about banging that B string haha. Any advice would be great.

check out d-tuners
those work great for me
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You could go the d-tuner route, but they're pretty expensive. Your probably better off getting a 5 string bass. That way you can have alternate tunings, but also a backup bass which is generally just a good idea to have if your gigging regularly.
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yeah i def just need a second bass on stage to keep in c tuning, or if anything happens on stage.
get a 5er.

or even a 6er.
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if you are gigging regularly you need a second bass if your alternate tunings.
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Why not put your bass in Drop C then capo the 2nd fret or just transpose?

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The free solution:

Leave your bass in one tuning and transpose the notes.

So when the rest of the band is chugging on an open c he will be playing a 3rd fret a string c? This will not sound very nice.

Get a 5 string bass. You never have to detune and it makes walking up from the lower notes much easier. Please play one before you buy though because they are not for everyone.
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if you are gigging regularly you need a second bass if your alternate tunings.

I'm going to have to disagree. There's a reason 5 string basses were invented and the ability to play low notes without detuning was most likely one of them.
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if you are gigging regularly you need a second bass if your alternate tunings.

You need a second bass as a backup in case something unfortunate happens. You can do multiple tunings on one bass at a gig, its just a minor inconvenience.
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playing a 3rd fret a string c?

I'll be honest, it took me about five minutes to figure out what you wrote there.

Seriously, though, if you're opposed to five strings you could setup a four-string bass to be permanently tuned to C.