BTE TSS is awesome, it can make a rhytm-intended amp into a lead-machine with the tone knob cranked to 3-4 o' clock.

I think there are two other OD VSTs in the Canadian Metal release with ABG and LePau. One that even makes you able to customize it a bit.

RobRokken from ABG is going to release one soon, idk abut release date, but the sound samples are amazing, and he's not even using an interface...

2009 is an truly amazing year for freeware VSTs.
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have you tried any of the Simanalog stuff?


Haha someone just suggested that on another board.

I think that using the mic input might be effecting the quality.
I used the DS-1 plugin and it sounds nothing like how my actual DS-1 can sound. The real thing can make a lot more distortion and be more crunchy.

So far the BTE is great but not as strong as I'm looking for. Maybe I should wait until I get a professional recording device.