Ive been playn guitar for about 2 years now and i was looking to buy some pedals im wondering if anyone can suggest a pedal that has worked good for them. im lookn for a wah wah pedal ... a distortion pedal...... an echo pedal..... and any other pedal that you would suggest......i play alot of clapton, hendrix, metallica, iron maiden,and guns n roses.... im lookn around a price range of anything up to $200...im playn a charvel with emgs through a small fender amp.....thnx
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What amp are you using?

What band's have a tone that you're trying to emulate?

What's your budget?

You might like a Line 6 POD XT Live. It's a floor processer with multiple FX and amp models. A lot of people may flame it on here, but I know that the guitarists of Anberlin use them, and many other artists use the rackmount versions of them, so Idk.