Amp: Blackheart BH5H and BH112 Half Stack

I play really anything (except for very heavy stuff, mainly because I can't), so I'd like some pedals that are pretty decent all around. I own a distortion pedal already. I'd like to know what sort of effects I should look into next, and what pedals are good for these effects. I play a stratocaster, if that makes much of a difference :P However many you recommend. I'd rather not just buy one expensive pedal though, as I don't have that much of an ear for tone yet.

Thanks guys!
Buy nothing until you've looked up every effect imaginable and until you've developed an "ear for tone". Make sure you know exactly what sound you want, and then find the pedals to achieve it. Otherwise, it's just disposable purchasing.
well, $160 can get you a couple of decent effects if you go used. new, maybe 2 pedals worth using.

start with a digitech bad monkey. nice overdrive for the price and i think the blackhearts really like od pedals. then maybe a mxr phase 90 (used). standard phaser and you can usually pick them up for $50-60 used (sometimes less). that probably leaves you with enough cash for one more pedal. maybe an ibanez de7 for a cheap delay, maybe a big muff for a fuzz, maybe a dynacomp for a compressor, or maybe something else.

basicly i would say figure out what kind of pedal(s) you want first and go from there. ebay + show completed listings can give you an idea of what you can expect to pay for things used. so searching "delay pedal" on that setup and sorting by price would give you an idea of what used pedals are in your price range.
for that price and you not knowing what you want to use yet etc. i would suggest some sort of multi effects. in that price range sounds wont be incredible, but you said yourself you dont have an ear for tone yet, and you will be able to get a taste of what you like to use and experiment. id recommend a zoom pedal ( i think its the 2.9gt?) i used to have the one that is around 170 and has the built in expression pedal. a good bet for your situation
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