I thought a good old fashioned Scavenger hunt might be good for a laugh or seven.

Simple rules - The person that finds the photo, gets to make the next request

The Scavenger hunt requests must be:

Reasonable and feasible for the average UG'er to obtain type into a search engine (no more than 4 syllables if possible)
Nothing that can be obtained without some work, skill, or adventure (ie; doorknob, Rush Limbaugh... err sorry for the redundancy)
We want this to be a challenge, but not an impossible one (ie; Bill Gates Spleen)
Nothing lewd, against the rules or illegal (ie; real nude photo of Zooey Deschanel - those should be sent via PM to me only)
Nothing disgusting

The Scavenger hunt results must be:

A photo that you found on Google or some other godforsaken place on the interwebs.

Less than 900 Width so we don't get too stretched out

To give a reasonable example: A Fat Person Stuck

I'll Start it off... Find: A Really Bad Driver

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I like this....

EDIT: Shouldn't it be, someone posts a picture, and then we have to locate it on google, and provide a link to show that we've actually found it.

And the person that posts the pic can give a small clue....

EDIT EDIT: Oh actually this is good the way it is....people need to give harder examples though...
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Damn both of you! I was about to post women, and saw that speakers had done it. then I was going to post asians, but genghis had gotten to it.

however I think this wins
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I wonder how he came to this conclusion.
Inside the back
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Call me Drew
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Edit-nice team work, speakers

Yours Sincerely,

Dr. Speakers
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Find a cloud that looks like a penis

EDIT: find a ninja turtle dog
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texas ftw!
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16 chickens and a tambourine
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You have a Badger Song avatar!!!!!

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Monkey Ball Sack

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Its probably fail but I try :P

Find me a Playboy bunny on/of ice
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So I freaked out and flipped the vegetable tray.

There was ranch everywhere.