I've recently been doing alot of jamming with friends of mine, but I've started to get worried about my hearing, and i've tried basic foam ear plugs and the big ear muff things but i find they muffle out to much, I've been looking to find some type of ear protection that keeps the tone and clairty, but just we'll protects your ears, with out blocking to much, because I find if you use the basic foam ear plugs or the ear muffs you can only really hear your own instrument and not everyone elses.. what do you guys use for ear protection any feed back is appreciated.
Thanks in advance!!

tldr: recommend me good ear protection. thanks.
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Try some of the better earplugs you can find at the chemist, like the plastic ones. If you don't mind spending a lot of money, you can get the ones fitted to your ears.
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From http://www.musiciansclinics.com/

I have tried earplugs but they sound hollow. Also, I can't really hear the high end. Are there better earplugs?
Because of the laws of physics, earplugs lessen (attenuate) the sound energy for the higher pitches more than the lower bass notes. Typically earplugs will cause a hollow sound without much high end. About a decade ago, a company named Etymotic Research came out with a "flat" earplug- one that lessens the sound energy for the high pitched notes as much as for the low bass notes. These use a small acoustic amplifier that puts back many of the high pitched sounds. Musicians and music listeners then can hear their music unaffected, except that its at a non-damaging level. These earplugs come in several amounts of protection- 9 decibels of protection (ER-9),15 decibels of protection (ER-15) and 25 decibels of protection (ER-25). Different musicians use different earplug.

What ear plugs do you suggest for musicians?
There are three major types of ear plugs for musicians- the ER-15, the ER-25, and vented/tuned ear plugs. The ER-25 is generally only recommended for drummers. The ER-15 is the ear plug of choice for most other rock and blues instruments, as well as most classical instruments. The vented/tuned ear plugs are useful for those instruments that either do not have much treble sound energy (such as the acoustic bass and cello), or for those instruments that are not particularly damaging (such as the clarinet), but have to play near other noisy instruments, such as the drums. There is an article in the articles section of this website with this information- "Musicians and the Prevention of Hearing Loss".

Where can I get musician ear plugs?
Musician ear plugs, like the ER-15, can be obtained from anyone that makes hearing aids. I would contact an audiologist and they can either make the ear plugs for you, or send you to someone who specializes in musicians. Remember however, that while ear plugs are very important, they are only one of the many things that can be done to reduce music exposure. Environmental strategies (many of which are inexpensive) can be very useful. If you have difficulty finding an audiologist that specializes in musicians (we are rare!), drop us a line and we'll help to locate one. You can leave your email address in the "Do you have a question?" section below.

Where can I find someone to make ER-25 or ER-15 earplugs?
You should contact your state and provincial association for audiologists or hearing aid dispensers. They can put you in touch with an audiologist or a hearing aid dispenser that specializes in musicians. They can also be found in the phone book under "Audiologist" or "Hearing Aid Dispenser". They are not covered under any medical program and usually are about $185 a pair in Canada, and about $150 in the US.

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I wear Sonic II from North Safety Products. I find these are more cost effective than custom fit solutions.

They are reasonable insert type hearing protectors that don't just muffle all the sound. I also wear them when I go to watch other bands.

Edit: They seem to have been renamed "Sonic Ear Valves" when I looked them up in the catalogue.
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this may help you minimise hearing damage, and give you a realistic view of what can/will happen.

The first paragraph is about headphones.. but the rest is about loudness and things that I think will be good for you
i use these and i love them. im not recommending that site, its just to show you the picture.

ive used them when doing this, but id have to push them a little further into my ears to not feel any pressure.

i dont know if guitarists would need slightly different plugs than these as im only using these when im behind the drums. these can sit in my ear forever and they dont start making me itch or hurt or anything like some other plugs ive tried. not bad for $4

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I ordered a set of the Hearos Hi-Fidelity earplugs from and they work great. They let all of the frequencies in but cut the noise 12 decibels.
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