Before I start on a dragonburst Strat I plan to build, I need to ask some stuff on the different woods.

I'm going to use some Seymore Duncan S4 noiseless single coil's, which give off a high twangy output great for shredding and bluesy stuff even.

Any ideas on which type of wood to use that would go great with this? I already know about how basswood is and hate it.
1. Look for the GB&C Central Hub thread (it's stickied)
2. It has a link to the Ultimate Guitar Wood thread.
3. Read the first couple pages of the Guitar Wood thread. If you still have questions, post in that thread.
4. Delete your original post in this thread.
1 word, which is actually 4 words squished into one UBER Word.


Now, Go!
..I was watching my death.