Should i get a P bass, J bass, or OLP Stingray? I play post hardcore/ electronica stuff and im lookin to get a bass under $600. Ive been between the P and J basses for a while but now im considering the OLP Stingray because its cheaper than the MM Stingray and many people have told me it has close to the same sound.
It's only vaguely like the stingray...not really what I'd call close. What style?
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Eh, I'd say go for the P or the J. If your looking for something close to a Stingray, you might also want to check out Sterling by Musicman, the SB14 is a $600 Stingray copy. Not sure on the quality difference between the Sterling and the OLP, but again, I'd suggest an MIM P or J bass
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The new Sterling series of basses and guitars by Music Man are vastly superior to the OLP basses and guitars. If you can afford one of them, it would be a fine choice. Otherwise, go for the Fenders over the OLP.