Just wondering something about having 2 amps in stereo, since I know nothing about this.

The normal way to do this is to get an ab/y box and run both a and b at once, right? Are there any other ways?

Also, is there any way to run stereo if you just have two cabs and one head, without using two separate heads?

Thanks in advance.

a head and two cabinets? thats called a full stack

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Yes. I know what it's called.

I'm just wondering if I can run the two cabinets in stereo without two heads.

Or, if you want me to call them two halfstacks, then run two cabinets in stereo without making two halfstacks.

Why would you need stereo though? Are you going to be using stereo effects or something like that?
No, the idea with stereo is having two separate sources of sound playing at the same time, so therefor you need two amps, but can buy a stereo amp (usually rack units) but i really have no idea how those work, and i dont think it would sound that great.
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I think certain amp heads are made with stereo channels, and if they're not then it's not gonna happen. If you have two heads, you can use an A/B/Y box or any other stereo pedal to achieve the effect. Basically any stereo effect will have stereo outputs.
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