Opinions on these guitars? which one sounds better, feels more comfortable etc. Which one would you go for?. I play mostly thrash.
The Angel of Deth is pretty bitchin', but it costs a lot more than the LTD V-500.
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i find the Dean finish to be very tacky, it might seem cool now but it wont in a month/year

trust me i bought a KKV and i hate the way it looks now, go the LTD
True, im not to bothered about looks, even the silver VMNT looks pretty nice. If it wasnt for deans quality control issues i would definently get the VMNT. I dont want to get a guitar have then a year later end up regretting it cause its starting to fall apart or wear out quickly.
well i bought a 10 year old LTD a while back and its a frickin machine...original parts and hasnt skipped a beat