BC Rich NJ classic Guitar-375 Shipped/PP

Here is my BC Rich NJ Classic Bich for 400 shipped. I may even cut a deal for less if you are in the DC area. Awesome features too. The guitar is like mint, it works perfectly.

Here's a picture of it (one on the left obviously).


-24 frets
-Mahogany body
-Neck through, feels great
-Ebony fretboard
-2 volume, 1 tone 3 way switch
-Tune-O-Matic bridge

I am selling it because I am gassing REAL bad for a 7 string and Dual Recto.

I have plenty of references over on HC and at the MTS forums, just PM me if you have any questions.

Thanks for looking
for future reference, don't make another thread for a price change. Just make a post in your exsisting thread stating that you are dropping the price.
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