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Don't even look anywhere,
Don't see where you are going.
Don't look down and see your toes wiggling off the rotting,
ancient wood. Don't look up and see the cloudless sky and
let it discourage you from the task at hand.
Don't look back and see old friends and
older family
begging you to come home.
Don't look straight ahead and see the
icy water. It's grey, the color of
whatever happens to us after we're gone
and what's happened to you while you were here.
purely, unmistakably, undeniably,
So don'think,
don't look except for at the back of your eyelids
as you step forward until there's no forward to step to.
It takes one step. Maybe two.
Don'teven hold your breath.
Take a good look at the inside of your head on the way down,
see a swirl of purples and greens and blue dots
and something that looks like an apple
floating around on the back of your eyelids.
Look close, because this is the last sweetness your eyes will taste.
And then it's grey.
pure, inescapable, undeniable.

... and who hasn't dreamt of being in a hot air balloon?
So high above the ground, that it all makes sense.
Land blends to colors,
people fade to ants,
guns are so small
that they haven't been invented yet.

... and who hasn't sighed in release?
Watched breath wisp away in morning chill
only to find beauty in tragedy,
the silver lining to a loved one's last breath.
Freedom from burdens that never deserved
the shoulder's they perched upon.

Who hasn't found himself,
in the last place he ever thought to look?