I need one because I'm going to be auditioning for music school during summer (so it's quite a ways away), so I really really need to start practising on an actual classical (I've always been interested and have played classical and fingerpicking music, but I've never bought a classical for some reason, I'm pretty decent at it, but I practise it on electric, so idk) and I just had one being fixed (it was used, they put it out for display but it was an electric/acoustic classical and the electronics were busted, I found out while testing it) at my local music store, it was a Fender CDN240SCE for $250, but it turns out it's completely messed (why they didn't check it before they put it on display it beyond me), so they had to send it to the factory to get fixed and won't be back for a few months so screw that guitar, I'm not buying it anymore..

But the thing is that it was the only classical in the store (it's a small ma n' pa store) (actually there was another small scale $80 one :\ ).. So I was wondering since I've never had a classical before, would this be an ok buy for what I need it for?