hi everybody!

I have an cheap Ibanez GTA 10 combo that I've started to mess with recently. So far what I have done is taking the "amp" part of the combo out of the case, to make the little 6 inches speaker vibrate better, resulting in a vast improvement in the sound!(It's actually pretty descent now, and the "farting" palm mute is gone!)

Now what I want to know is: Is it possible to install a speaker output on this amp so that I can run a 12 inch speaker instead of the stock one, and can I do it myself?

Thanks in advance!
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as long as the speaker matches the resistance of your amp. If the your amp requires an 8ohm speaker and you have a 8ohm speaker it will work. you might want to build a cab that will house the speaker though.
As long as the speaker has the same impedance as your current speaker, it should work if you just replace the current one with the 12 incher.

The 12 incher won't be much, if any louder though, as it will still be getting the same amount of power. In fact, it might even be softer because it will have more mass, but be driven by the same amount of power.
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You can run an SS amp with a mis-matched load. The reason you should match the impedances, though, is because an 8 ohm amp out is most efficient (thus louder) with an 8-ohm speaker.

Tube amps are not so forgiving, though.

to actually answer your question:

Actually most 12's are more efficient than most 6's. There are a lot of other factors as well as weight.such as the size and geometry of the magnet and coil and the compliance of the suspension not to mention that doubling the cone area gives an extra 3dB because of better coupling to the air and a 12 has much more than double the area of a 6.