Im looking to purchase a new guitar and im wondering what is the best guitar for the tone of music i play. I like classic rock. In general. GNR-Zepplin-AC/DC. I have a Marshall MG100HDFX. I was looking at a epiphone les paul custom or a goldtop. I would like to have a set neck and a trem that doesnt go out of tune. Floyde rose is the least of my worries. I would like to keep the price between 500-1000 dollars. Closer to 500 the better though lol. All post will be appreciated.

well, Slash, Angus, and Jimmy all have one thing in common. They play gibsons. and for slash and jimmy, les pauls.

So a les paul is a perfect fit for the tone that you are looking for.

but first, what guitar do you have now?

and you might want to consider getting a better amp, like a tube one. that would better suit your tone than a guitar
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I know this isn't really what you're looking for with regards to the Les Paul idea. But I played a Shecter C-1 (just a normal model, no special designation or anything) today, and I was really impressed. I've always thought their neckes where way too wide, but this one was thin enough to really get around on. I don't know how you'd like it tone-wise, as that's all subjective. The one I played was $450, so it's actually a bit under your price range.

If not, I have a epiphone les paul standard (plain top), and I love it. I threw some Seymour Duncan pickups in it, and it sounds great. It plays better than any of the lower end Gibson Les Pauls I've tried out lately, granted I've spent time setting it up over the time I've owned it.

Edit: On a second note: I just saw Gibson Les Paul Studios for sale on MusiciansFriend for $800, only black w/ chrome hardware, though I did see some other finishes for $1000 in Best Buy's music center today (meaning anyone who'll price match should give you the same deal).
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i would like to get a guitar with already installed good pick-ups because im not a good guitar tech lol.
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i would like to get a guitar with already installed good pick-ups because im not a good guitar tech lol.

Well, I don't think the stock Epi pickups are terrible, I'm just really hands on, and I like having something different. I do think the guitar sounds much better now, but I've had them in it for so long, I don't really remember what the original ones sound like. The Epiphone Les Paul Ultra I played today was awful IMO. It has a chambered body and all this special stuff that I feel really takes away from the tone. It looked great, though.
Well, something to consider are the artists you like. I know you said you like the sounds of AC/DC, GnR, etc. but the sound of a Gibson is very different from the sound of your Squire (humbuckers vs. single coils, Gibson vs. Fender...you get the idea). If you really want the classic Gibson sound, I prefer the higher end Epiphones, they're reasonably priced and their quality is on par with low end Gibsons. They're more common, so it's also easier to find one that is set up well and plays good straight off the shelf, something that's getting much harder with Gibson these days. MIM Strats are supposedly great for the money, and I've seen them go for as low as $200 on craigslists. Just play some guitars in your price range, and decide what you want.

Tone wise, like every one is going to tell you, a good amp is going to produce a much more obvious change in your tone, especially if you are new to the instrument. I'd agree, but I also feel like the most important thing to have when you play is a guitar that feels good. When you're just starting, everything should come second to you just having fun playing the instrument. When you're instrument isn't hindering your abilities anymore, you have all the room you need to grow.

Im not looking for a guitar that is going to play in a gig or anything just a simple bedroom guitar. Nothing special.

Epiphone Les Paul Standard Plus Top Electric Guitar
Epiphone Les Paul 1956 Goldtop Electric Guitar

those are 2 guitars i am thinking about. Think those would be aight?
The 1956 has P-90s. They'd be much lower output than the Standard, and they have their own unique sound. I would definitely recommend you play the 1956 before investing in it. Personally, I'd go with the Standard, as it has a more "normal" (standard lol) just out of personal preference. The plain top is a bit cheaper, and I haven't noticed a huge difference between the two Standards for tone. If you like 1956, go for it! I think it would be a cool guitar to own, because it's a bit different. On the other hand, your only other guitar is a Squire Strat so you might be a bit limited if you got the 1956. All in all, I'd prefer the Standard.
I believe i will go with the epiphone les paul standard in vintage sunburst. If anyone else has any ideas please post. I want to do my homework before i sink a paycheck into a guitar.
Don't be surprised if you don't enjoy the very first one you play. If you shop around, you'll find one that plays pretty well. After a set up, it should be excellent for your needs.
The only problem is that there isnt any places close that sells guitars like that.
Epiphone Zakk Wylde Les Paul Custom Electric Guitar Bulls-Eye

Does anyone have any thoughts about this guitar? PROS? CONS? Would it suit my needs. I like the paintsjob and i like zakk and it was in the type of guitar I was thinking about. But the pickups are emg not sure how i would those.
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Epiphone Zakk Wylde Les Paul Custom Electric Guitar Bulls-Eye

Does anyone have any thoughts about this guitar? PROS? CONS? Would it suit my needs. I like the paintsjob and i like zakk and it was in the type of guitar I was thinking about. But the pickups are emg not sure how i would those.
The pickups are EMG-HZ. They're passive and awful sounding.

Considering the mark up they put on what is essentially an Epiphone Les Paul Custom with a Zakk Wylde paint job I think you'd be better off buying a regular Les Paul Custom.

Were it my money I'd just get a Standard. Less money, same sound.
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A top end Agile would probably have the edge over an Epiphone, if the ones I've played are typical of Epis production. I really like the AL3100 with its Ebony fretboard. Its also well inside your price range.
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Epiphone Ultra II looks nice, not sure how much they would cost in the US though.
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well i just saw this on musicians friend http://guitars.musiciansfriend.com/product/Epiphone-Les-Paul-Tribute-Electric-Guitar?sku=621058
the les paul tribute 800$ and has gibson 57 pickups and series/parralel pickup wiring swithching

get this. if u cant get that get the epiphone les paul standard or a PRS SE singlecut.



the first is with no tremolo, 2nd one has tremolo.