So, after having a few Sam Adams and watching "The Big Bang Theory," I thought I'd grab and acoustic and go serenade my sick roomie with Soft Kitty . Anyone want to help me out with some chords for the ditty? Should have some hilarious results...

D/F#        G            D  (E) (F#) (G) D?
soft kitty, warm kitty.  lit-tle ball of fur

D/F#         G             D    D/E  D
happy kitty, sleepy kitty, pur, pur, pur

its one of those songs thats not too easy to write chords to, because it's just singing D:
the notes in brackets are like, that walk up. I play those notes individually, while still holding the D

..and now I have a strong urge to nuzzle and lick your face D:
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Although I must say that song really should never be sung as a round especially not by those two.