okay so i have a marshal MGDFX50 and im looking to upgrade because im getting better and i want something more powerful, better quality, and something thats another level.. cus the marshal i have is shit. ANYWAYS i was looking at the peavey 6505 212 combo as an upgrade

so i ask you.. is it good for playing metal? do you consider a better upgrade?(if not not what do you suggest and keep in mind im on about a 600$ budget) and would this be loud enough to play shows?
The 2x12 is friggin LOUD...no doubt. It's good for metal of course, though its major drawbacks are its size and its speakers. Plus, if you aren't worried about cleans then its a no brainer. I personnely wasn't impressed with the 6505 212 when I had it, but to each is own.
IMO, you would never need another combo amp to play metal. There are honestly only a couple other amps that come as a combo that I would consider buying over the 6505 for metal, which are considerably more expensive.

edit: oh, only $600. That's enough for the 6505+ 1x12 which though only half the power of the 6505 2x12(60watts and 120watts respectively) is still pretty damn powerful.
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it's awesome for metal. It's an upgrade from the MG for sure. it would be loud enough to play shows that aren't to big.
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