I haven't been playing that long, I used to play bass and had just started playing a little and then gave up. I've started guitar again recently and I feel like I just can't make any progress creatively. I'm really in need of some help, I do try and look at what guitarists do when I hear something I like but more often than not there's no tabs and I can't play by ear. When ever I get all hyped and excited to play sure enough an hour later I don't even want to touch my guitar. I tried to have a bit of a break but didn't do a thing really. I've read so many threads and lessons here, tried learning theory but so far haven't come close to finding even the smallest use for it.

More or less I wanna be making stuff along the lines of

Some simple stuff but I just am not making any progress and playing guitar is becoming such a drag, I want it to be fun again.

Anything that can be done or probably just forget it because guitar isn't for me?
Just jam out bro. Tune your guitar to Drop D, crank up the distortion, and let it rip. Being able to rip through power chords with one finger lets you come up with some sick riffs.

I didn't look at any of those myspace pages, but give it a shot.

I've only played for a short period, so take this advice at your own risk