Hey UG, been playing for 3 years and can't put the damn thing down. Saved up a bit and my car insurance just dropped to $64 a month so i should have just over $900 by the end of the month. My music taste is all over the board in terms of tone. I play mostly offspring, foo, metallica, COB, rise against, MCS, bad religion...whatever i feel like atm. Looking for a great, versatile amp that can cover these (maybe not perfect obviously, but pretty well) for around $900. Ive played a 120w vyper and a fender hot rod deluxe, and i liked them both (albeit the vyper had an assload of fx) but im down for whatever you guys aim me to.

I live in the metro detroit area so craigslist is usually pretty stacked with stuff but to be honest id rather just but a new thing and not worry about what fool had it before me did.
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I seriously would not rule out craigslist just yet. $900 in the used market can get you some seriously nice ampage. New for $900 - sure there are some things to look at.....but.

The beauty of Clist is you play before you pay. If you have a checklist of like 5 things and it sounds good, then usually you'll be fine. We can help you find some amps local to you and give you a checklist if you change your mind.

If you can stretch your budget to $999 you can get a Peavey 3120 but then you would need a cab. The new 6505+ 112s are $600. Traynors and nice and can get pretty heavy with a pedal or two. B52 AT60 is $370 if you can find one.

PS: The Vypyr 60 and 120 I really like a lot so if you want all of those effects and amp models (like XXX and Twin and Plexi) then go for one of those two.

PSS: The Vypyr and Fender HRD are opposite ends of the amp spectrum. Don't get an HRD for what you play. ...imo...

good luck

(Seriously, who wouldn't want a used Marshall JCM800 or Mesa Boogie...for what you play?)
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Look, you can get a mediocre amp for $900 or you can get a pro-level amp for $900, the difference is used and new. I have done COUNTLESS deals on CL now, with no real bad experiences. That includes buying my most recent car from craigslist. If you are smart about it and cautious you will be fine... Some rules I go by:

1. If the guy can't write a clear and concise email, don't bother, something's fishy.
2. If the person doesn't know EVERYTHING about the amp you can ask, and isn't happy to answer questions, don't bother, something's fishy.
3. If the guy is reluctant to meet in a place that you can test the amp out, don't bother, something's fishy.
4. If you try out the amp, and something seems off (buzzing, hissing, any quirks) don't bother, something's fishy.
5. If the guy seems like a creep when you meet and is rubbing his hands together saying 'Yes, that's it. Just take the amp. No reason to worry." don't bother, something's fishy.

Pretty much adhere to these as well as common sense and you'll be fine. As I said this method has gotten me through probably 50+ CL deals.
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Those are rules to live by tubetime haha i bought my car and guitar from cl so i might as well just go all the way right? All that i can find is a Peavey Windsor atm on CL but thanks for the input guys!
Weapons I'm going to use in the zombie apocalypse:
1) Crossbow
2) Shuriken
3) A plexi-glass B.C. Rich Dagger
4) A bag of Jack Links Jerky