Myself Klein.I love to play guitar and violin. from childhood i have pleasure for this.I have two guitars with rocking sound..I am interested to know about yours guitars.Can you guys share with me here.

Thanks in advance.
I have 3 diffrent types, I mostly play my fender strat, but from time to time or depending on what I'm playing I also play a gibson double cut les paul. Sometimes you need the crunch of a humbucker. If I'm recording and I'm alone I will bust out the bass too but thats only when needed, I suck at the bass. Oh and I rock out on the Acoustic from time to time as well. Damn I'm a guitar *****...lol
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I have 5 right now.

my squire tele i started playing on, my dad bought it for me when he sold his ORIGINAL '62 telecaster at a swap meet in like 96 (he got like $5000 for it then, worth like 15,000 i've heard today.)

My jackson Js30RR, first guitar i bought with my own money. saved from paper route

MY jackson DKMGT, Got an awesome deal on it, was gonna spend the money upgrading the pickups in my JS30, but this was a much better deal. carnival job money

My Alexi-200, this was a present to me as i hadn't bought a new guitar in two years and i just got an awesome job after college. I have since upgraded the pup to something i like a little more.

My Alexi-600, after getting the 200 i was browseing youtube and found a video of a guy selling one on ebay. The price was to good to pass up, i bought it and I LOVE IT!! got it about a month after the Alexi-200.

And on friday I will order a Agile 3000 CSB. It's a chrismas present for my dad, but i will play it for a month first
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