I've been playing guitar for around 4 years now. I can sweep, tap, play legato passages, etc, relatively easily and cleanly.

My alt picking, however, is shit. I can play riffs at a moderate speed, but if there's ever a passage of fast 16th notes I'll always use legato rather then pick each individual note.

I really want to develop my right hand technique.

Are there any resources that could help me do this?

I've been in a similar boat for quite some time, my left hand is often quite a bit ahead of my right, and it's always a constant struggle, for me, anyway, to keep the two synched up really well.

In the past just working on BSing some quick lines and practicing picking them as quickly as possible has usually been my go-to method.

A less boring alternative would be to practice tremolo and faster alternate picking lines from songs you like, making sure you keep it smooth and clean.
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I find the hardest thing about alt picking would be the inside picking aspect of it. This is the biggest flaw of my playing and I've been trying to fix it for the longest time. Like tenfold said, use a metronome and practice 3 note per string exercises. I find these the most useful because the pick stroke is different for every time you switch strings, forcing you to both inside and outside pick.
[Hijack] Can somebody explain the meaning of inside and outside picking? I see it thrown about quite a lot but don't get what it means. [/Hijack]
I would suggest watching Paul Gilbert's alternate picking videos on youtube. They're pretty informative.
Do you guys mean 3 note per STRING, not 3 note per second exercises? 3 notes per second doesn't really indicate anything about strings or picking motions, just speed...
Yeah, they mean 3 note per string.

Anyways...the best way to get the sync going between your hands is to take a selection of short phrases (maybe 2 beats worth of 16th notes, definately not more than a bar) and give them a good deal of practice, while of course paying a lot of attention to making sure you're locked on.
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3nps = 3 notes per string.

(and I just realized I said "notes per second" in my last post, I meant notes per string).

3nps would usually stand for 3 notes per second, using it to mean anything else is just confusing unless previously stated.

As for the TS: Just slow down, make sure you keep a consistent down, up pattern even when changing strings. This means that if you play a downstroke on the A string and your next note is on the D string you would hit it with an upstroke.

Make sure your hand is relaxed and you're not anchoring!
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Just practice everyday.
I remember when my alternative picking was crap, i couldn't play fast songs, but suddenly i manage to get it right with time.
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Just practice everyday.
I remember when my alternative pickling was crap, i couldn't play fast songs, but suddenly i manage to get it right with time.

You mean alternate picking? Because alternative is otherwise called economy picking.
I've been working on my picking like crazy lately. I can give you some pointers I think.

1. ANGLE YOUR PICK- if you keep your pick parallel to the strings, it takes a much greater force to pick up, down, up, down. by angling your picking, you can cross over the string much faster. And, you get a much better sound.

2. Practice slowly with a metronome first

3. Use your WRIST. Don't pick from your arm/shoulder. its a bad habit, and can give you problems later (i.e. tendonitis, CTS, etc)

and listen to paul gilbert, A LOT.

hope this helps.
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i had the same problem. i can tell you what really helped me though. just look up some phrygian scales and practice alternate picking on that. i used A phrygian starting on the 5th fret and i didn't even bother learning the scale doing only down or up strokes, i just made sure i learned that scale using alternate picking and that pretty much fixed everything for me.
Pickup a copy of the excellent book Speed Mechanics for Lead Guitar by Troy Stetina.

Get a metronome.

Start playing the right hand exercises in the book (there are tonnes). Do this for a few months or years.