i bought an ibanez rg two days with an edge 3 trem
i know what people have to say about the edge 3 but
BEFORE YOU FLAME please read

only the g string goes out of tune
it goes flat after a while of playing(about an hour), whether i
use the trem or not. by the same amount if i use it or not.
every other string is fine and stays perfectly in tune.
i balanced the trem properly. could my problem be the string?
i stil have the factory strings but i'm buying a new set this weekend
either way.
Try replacing the string and see if that's the issue. If all else fails take a look at the setup to be sure there is enough tension for it.
if there isnt enough tension in the setup, possibly try a different tuner. if its not holding it tight enough that could be your problem
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Thanks guys I'll do that.
And if all else fails, I still got the thirty day warranty at GC
Yeah try swapping out the string and making sure everything is tight.
My guitar has an Edge III as well and despite what everyone says about it I haven't had any trouble with my guitar staying in tune. Though I would definately take a FR anyday of the week
TS, before you change the string do this:

Pluck the G string, then press on the string behind the nut. If the note changes pitches, then your nut is slipping, and that's your problem.
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