Currently my DS-1 will not turn on via battery ie. The only way I can use it is with a Power Supply.

I've Replaced the battery - Nothing
I had a look at the solder joints - they looked solid...

I was wondering if anyone had experienced a similar problem? I have a feeling it might be a shitty battery clip? Any ideas guys?
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Have you used a different power supply on it? (i.e. a phone charger or something similiar)
If you have the wrong polarities/voltages on a pedal it can fry it.I did the same with my boss DS-2.It fried the battery clip,cost me about $8 to get it fixed.
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Over the years I've had a lot of 9V battery clips have the wires fray internally, usually right at the clip itself. You could open it up and check for continuity between each clip contact and where the lead connects to the rest of the guts.