This is lyrics to a song I did for an online collab band called Inferi...songs not up yet. but there is a preview of it on youtube. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0I_uNkXZgZ8

The whole thing is screamed....and yea I know it is not the name of the song on the youtube vid.

It doesn't really have any specific meaning to it...I came up with an idea and went with it.

Disorderly Self

When you say that you cannot turn away - what is it is so intriguing?
Like spectators at a car crash; gathering to see the mess of trauma.
Fear and pain, flesh and crimson.
Something that you cannot turn away from.
The camoflage will only turn you in.
Can't Cover it up, or deny it exists.
You cannot omit what nature has given you,
Dont bow out yet

Dont forget to blink.
Open mouthed in amazement.
An oddity, like a baby born with a hideous condition; not human?
Your glass is half full, not in danger of running over.
Something you cannot turn away from....
So you must feed the addiction.
You cannot omit what nature has given you.
Dont bow out yet.

How can you not look away?
Their pain it feeds your obsession.
You're not bleeding their dreams; you're not pulling the trigger.
You're only a witness in search of the pleasure.
You cannot omit what nature has given you.
Dont bow out yet.

Just follow your needs, forget all your sins.
They're not worth the frustrations.
Forget who you are; just leave it behind.
They can't fathom your sickness.
Concaving your realms; imploding your fears.
They will not find your weakness.
You've armoured yourself, there's no breaking the skin.
Return to your disorderly self

Watching a finch eat her young
Resorting to canabalism to increase the odds of survival.
As horrifying as it may be, you cannot bat an eye.
An observation or a sickly twisted amusmant
You cannot omit what nature have given you.
Don't bow out yet