I got a zoom g.2tt FX pedal, but I think I'm going too sell it while you can't have distortion without using one of the pre-amp settings and I think its way to much for what I use.
So I am going to replace it. My question now is what kind of pedals should I buy and which ones do you recomend?

I was thinking of a Boss overdrive/distortion of a marshall guv'nor, a danelectro fish and chips, harley benton delay pedal and some cheapass volume pedal.

Do you all think this would be a right decision? comment and give some tips

Amp I am playing through is a Blackheart little giant and I have a Jack and danny brothers les paul copy.
Music I play is the swellers blink sum 41 NoFX little bit blues and sometimes some classic rock.

thanks in advance
I don't recommend the Boss dist/OD, they're all pretty terrible, at least stock. The Fish and Chips is nice I used to have one... The delay pedal I know nothing about, and the volume... Why do you want a volume pedal?
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Unless its electronic drums.

You should probably upgrade to a better MultiFX like a Pod X3 Live or a Boss GT 10
I want a volume pedal because it's IMO pretty usefull when you are doing band rehearsal. So I don't have to use the knobs on the guitar... I think they are quite annoying

What would be a good distortion then? is the marshall guv'nor anything good or danelctro pedals?

And how should I power the pedalboard just with this or this for example
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